Meet Frances Kuffel

HELLO. I’m Frances Kuffel, a.k.a., Auntie Wicked, Cookie Maker.After living in Brooklyn Heights for nearly 30 years, I’ve moved back to my hometown, Missoula, MT, where I’m a jack-of-all trades. I’ve written three books, blog for Psychology Today and Medium, do social media for authors and specialists, edit, and promote books.  But no matter what hat I’m wearing, I’m always hoping someone will ask me to bring cookies or dessert to the party.

Frances Kuffel

Meet Richard Bumstead

GREETINGS! And I’m Richard Bumstead, Uncle Wizard, so named because my niece couldn’t pronounce Richard when she was very young, and it came out Wizard. I recently retired from a 35-year stint as the campus Landscape Architect for the University of Chicago, during which I oversaw the development of the campus as a botanic garden and creating one of the most beautiful college campuses in America (Condé Nast Traveler). When I retired, I moved back home to New Mexico to take on new challenges and enjoy the mountains.


Richard Bumstead

How We Met

I met Frances while in high school in Missoula, Montana. We both were drawn to the theatre and spent the years in too many rehearsals and on the off weekend, ended up in her kitchen perusing the most recent Gourmet Magazine and trying our hand at the recipes. The friendship has survived all these years, and when she asked if I wanted to again join her in baking cookies, I agreed, though our kitchens are at some distance.

About Our Cookies

I learned to bake cookies from my mother when I was a toddler, and have been collecting recipes and cookie cutters ever since. My cookies are made with unbleached flour, real butter, free-range eggs, and organic extracts.I’ve taken Auntie Wicked to a more professional level. A mail-order cookie bakery, I can ship cookies to your door overnight or by two-day post. If you live in or near Missoula, Montana, you can pick them up warm from my kitchen or I will be happy to deliver straight to your door.

Why Auntie Wicked ?

Why Auntie Wicked? I have two grand-nieces I rarely see so I named myself in a way they would remember among all their other relatives. And while I’m a tempter in all my trades – buy this book, follow this writer, roll over for a tummy rub and we’ll be friends – I don’t think anything I do is more tempting than offering cookies. Aren’t homemade cookies great? A couple of bites of almond or cinnamon or ginger, and you’re in heaven, steeped in memories. And unlike your grocery store’s bakery, my cookies don’t use ingredients to extend their shelf-life or look identical on your dessert table.

Your Health Matters

Our cookies are made with unbleached flour, real butter, free-range eggs, and organic extracts.  Feel free to enquire about gluten and/or sugar free cookies

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